Welcome to our online prayer letter archive!
March, 2016 The More Excellent Way
January, 2016 No cracks in our foundation
December, 2015 Discipleship as an image transfer
November 2015 Thanksgiving for a multiplying movement in a World Watch List nation
September/October, 2015 God enriches us in every way to be generous in every way
July/August, 2015 A heritage of the miraculous
May/June, 2015 A full-circle disciple
March/April, 2015 He is Risen!
January/February, 2015 Look Back on 2014, Outlook for 2015
December, 2014 Merry Christmas!
November, 2014 Based on a true story
August, 2014 The what coaster?
May, 2014 "Jesus revealed Himself to me."
March-April 2014 Video Testimony of a former Muslim reached through our ministry
January-February 2014 What are we all about? What is the latest on GMO?
December 2013 Year-end letter.
November 2013 Thanksgiving Letter.
October 2013 Saying a lot in a little space.
August 2013 God sometimes chooses the foolish and despised things.
June 2013 The weak say, "I am strong"
April 2013 500 Continuous Hours of Evangelism
February 2013 2012 Recap
December 2012 Christmas 2012: It's a Wonderful Life
November 2012 Thanksgiving 2012: spiritual multiplication
September 2012 Bridging to the gospel from "felt-needs"
July 2012 Interpreting the cry for Christ
June 2012 A few previews of the Feature Presentation
April 2012 The Resurrection Makes All the Difference
February 2012 2011 Results, family news.
November 2011 Hundredfold return on homes, brothers, sisters...
October 2011 What we've been up to this year.
August 2011 National Staff Conference. CCCI 60th anniversary.
June 2011 Since I was in the way, the Lord led me (Genesis 24:27)
May 2011 God's purposes in waiting - Emily's 12th birthday
March 2011 Pray for Japan — GMO's March Millions — Luke's 10th birthday
February 2011 What it means to be a sower: 2010 Results and goals for 2011
September 2010 Mobilizing the saints by removing barriers to entry
August 2010 Visit to South Carolina - ministry development projects
July 2010 Do you have a target painted on your t-shirt?
June 2010 Help is coming for connecting seekers to churches.
May 2010 What are you looking for? (John 1:38)
March 2010 Biggest month in history. Prayer for balanced growth.
Februrary 2010 The R&D of the world is laid up for the faithful. Goals for 2010.
Janurary 2010 Contacts make claims and confessions. Ministry results for 2009.
December 2009 A look back over the past year -- and the previous five!
September 2009 Unbelievable Spanish Language Progress
August 2009 Who do you know, who doesn't know Jesus? (Does someone who has a different Jesus have a plan for their life?)
July 2009 Mid year outlook.
June 2009 What's this CSU thing anyway?
May 2009 Events - recent and upcoming.
March 2009 Ministry Overview and example.
February 2009 A disciple's outreach.
December 2008 The Ultimate Mission at the Optimal Time.
October 2008 God uses ministry on the Internet to disciple an isolated new believer—and find a church from 4,500 miles away.
August 2008 Sometimes, the line between evangelism and careful teaching gets blurred…
June 2008 Inspiring Volunteer stories
April 2008 3 Million visitors in the 1st quarter of 2008; discipleship plans and growth
February 2008 Counselling the bruised reed
November 2007 Thanksgiving! Prayer goal for the year met!
June 2007 The ones we boast about incessantly.
April 2007 Virginia Tech Shootings; mortality, love, forgiveness and gratitude.
January-March 2007 Passing of a dear friend, the value of a sincere rededication.
December 2006 Why Jesus means so much to us at Christmas!
October-November 2006 We sum up the year with Thanksgiving.
August-September 2006 Our work in the harvest online, at our church--and in our own neighborhood!
May-June 2006 We learn about Emily's asthma and amblyopia. Results from our Virtual Homegroup Bible study. Indicated decisions for Christ reach 2,000 per day!
March-April 2006 6,743 indicated decisions for Christ on Easter weekend! Google Earth live geotracking of sites as seekers visit. Some of the projects Mike is working on.
January-February 2006 We report at 100% support. A few words about what finding ministry partners did for us spiritually. Mike follows up with 137 who prayed to receive Christ and tells about "Rachel."
November-December 2005 We're almost done...so we buy a house in Florida! A little about our community here.
September-October 2005 We reach 90% support. We share what it's like...and the growth the ministry is experiencing while we're away: 685 decisions for Christ each day!
July-August 2005 God comes through in a big way! Staff Conference. Every five seconds, someone is exposed to the Gospel through our ministry!
May-June 2005 We express our ambition to return - and some of the reasons. We discover Luke's food allergies.
March-April 2005 Our weakness - contrasted with His strength!
January-February 2005 We move again - and work full-time on our support from Aiken, SC.
December 2004 We look back on the year - Emily's prayer sums it up!
November 2004 We express thanks for challenges and ask for more strength.
September 2004 We experience our second Florida hurricane!
August 2004 We experience our first Florida Hurricane!
July 2004 We leave California to report to our ministry--and take some dear friends with us!
December 2003-January 2004 Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Christ" is about to hit theatres--and we have a companion website ready.
October-November 2003 We discover Luke's asthma in an alarming way.
September 2003 Challenge from visiting missionary.