Dear Family and Friends:

Than, in Myanmar, was telling me that God had reveled to her that all religions have some truth and some error in them. Also that Armageddon would not be happening anymore, nor would there be anymore natural disasters, famines, pandemics or wars.

Probably within an hour of her writing, Haiti was gripped by the most severe earthquake it had experienced in over 200 years. (Please continue to remember Haiti in your prayers!)

Around the same time, David, in Turkey, wrote, "I saw Jesus Christ in my dream. His hair was long and he was tall. I understood he is Christ. I turned my face away because there was a light on his face. The light was very powerful and you can be blind. Or maybe you haven't seen a light in your life until now. When I saw him there, I was afraid in my my heart because I understand he is Christ. He came for me. I was a Muslim and I was afraid that he came. I don't know why he came in my dream, but I can say he was Christ, and I saw him."

I directed David to a great video series depicting accounts of dreams and visions of Christ among Muslims. You can watch these amazing, true stories at

I am praying that God will do something similar for Sam. Sam is a Muslim in Tehran, trying to convert me to Islam by introducing me to the Qur'an, the supposed harmony of its structure and deep concepts of its words.

I’ve also been talking to Timothy, a public official in a small country in Southern Africa. He said he had trusted Christ in March, but it was only in July that he visited and recommitted his life to Christ. When his assigned volunteer asked him to read the book of John he did not respond. Nor did he reply to any of our prayer-letter or teaching e-mails.

Not until after 30 days had passed did we hear from him. He had received our automatic final e-mail containing the following convicting words:

Did you know that Jesus begins making the following changes in your life when He comes to live in you? "Before, you may have ignored your sins. Now you agree with God about them. (1 John 1: 7-10) You are not content to continue sinful practices. (1 John 3:9; 1 John 5:18)"

Even the Apostle Paul said that in his own strength he could not live the way God wanted. But "through Christ," he said, "I can do all things." You need to know how the Holy Spirit provides this same power to do God's will.

Timothy soon confessed, “I cannot resist committing adultery, despite my belief in the promise that temptation is not beyond what I can handle. I try to resist but I can't. I need the Holy Spirit. Please, I am desperate. I don't want to go to hell. Paul's Romans 7:14-24 is what is taking place in my life. This is my heartfelt confession, to God and Man.”

Because of the subject matter, Timothy's response was reassigned to the “Difficult Theological Questions” group. He and I have been talking together for many weeks now. In a recent e-mail, he writes:
“Thank you Mike for the 30-minute [devotional] routine [I created for him]. I have started on it already. I have confidence that my life is changing for the better. God bless you for being a blessing to those who were about to lose hope, like me. Thank you again Mike.”
We're now working to establish a consistent habit of time spent hearing from God an
d responding to Him in Timothy's life. He signed one of his last e-mails to me, appropriately, “new Timothy.”

Please join me in prayer that Timothy’s transformation would exemplify everything we would hope to do with the millions of seekers God brings our way each year!

At the same time, please remember David and Sam. One of the volunteers in my group received an e-mail from a Muslim contact from years ago who had found Christ after their ongoing conversations and was contacting him again to let him know. What a great reminder—we only have to be faithful to sow broadly and follow up carefully with those who are willing. God is the One Who gives the increase! (1 Corinthians 3:5-9)

Global Media Outreach as a ministry registered 10,502,641 indicated decisions for Christ in 2009. Over 64 million were exposed to the gospel!

Although central fundraising had stalled somewhat in November, by the end of December, we were able to return to our regular outreach activity level. So with all its challenges, 2009 was an amazing year, with the most rapid growth over the previous year. Thank you for your partnership, which is part of how God made it all possible!

The dreams and visions, the earthquakes in diverse places, cries for “peace and safety,” as well as the rapid spread of the gospel, often make us wonder how much time we have left. What we do know, is that our redemption is:
“One day closer!” (Romans 13:11)

P.S. Please see our latest photos!

Mike and Cindy Skinner