Dear Family and Friends:

Every once in a while we like to explain the big picture again. For most, it’s a recap, but for others, it might bring a new perspective on what it is Mike does - and what Global Media Outreach does.

First, how did Global Media Outreach get started? Our founder, Walt Wilson, had worked closely with Steve Jobs in the early days of Apple Computer as Operations Manager. When the World Wide Web was just getting started, Walt visited the MIT Media Lab. Now VP of another tech company, he wanted to get a better idea of how this new communications platform would affect the business world. But because of his Christian faith, Walt couldn’t help thinking how the Web could be used to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. “If we had a connected global network,” he thought, “could we connect to people who were searching for God?” “Could we minister to people at their point of need?” “Could we lead them to a relationship with Jesus and disciple them?” When Walt eventually shared his ambitions with Paul Eshlemann (Director of the JESUS Film) and Steve Douglass (President of Campus Crusade for Christ), they invited him to join the staff of CCCI to “figure it out together.” By 2004, Walt’s growing team merged with another Campus Crusade division pursuing a similar strategy, and a new ministry, Global Media Outreach, was founded.

Sidebar: Walt Wilson
Walt is an inspiration and a mentor to all of us at GMO. Here are some quotes: “Its bigger than UPG's.” [Groups of unreached people] “It's every soul in the world. I can tell you as a city kid I never heard the gospel and that is true of every inner city kid in the US today. We are losing the battle in America among our own. An unreached group is not confined to the 10/40 window.”
“Overseas is an old world view. Bits go everywhere and know no political barriers. In the world of bits, location is irrelevant -- it is in fact everywhere... every nation ... every moment ... every day”

How did Mike got involved? In 2002, Mike was working at Lifescience Media in Diamond Bar, CA, developing eLearning projects for the medical industry. It was interesting work: sometimes requiring graphic design one day, programming the next. But one disappointing consequence of working closely with a rapidly growing industry was the sometimes temporary value of our efforts. One client might “spin off” a division as a new company. Another’s drug may fail to meet FDA approval. A product might be sold to another company. In such cases, while project goals were met, contracts were paid and the finished products were satisfying, theintended purpose was frustrated. Mike began to envision applying this toward reaching the world for Jesus. Campus Crusade for Christ surfaced again and again as he looked for ways to do this. In 2003, Mike and Cindy joined CCCI staff with the ministry that eventually merged with Walt’s group. At the time, our “Who Is Jesus - Really?” website had reached the top 10 results in Google through natural search engine rankings, and as many as 50 people every day were indicating decisions for Christ through it and related sites.

What we’re doing today: Our official 2013 results were released just last week. A total of 326,353,266 gospel presentations were made through GMO sites in 2013. After seeing a presentation, 34,833,442 people indicated a decision to follow Jesus Christ, 17,983,313 made a connection with one of our volunteers and 12,087,243 made discipleship visits to one of our follow-up sites. Since 2004, our estimate is about a billionreached, 100 million indicated decisions for Christ. Our goal for 2014 is to present the gospel to 400 million. I don’t know of a better way of reaching such vast numbers of people than what we are doing.

Update on us: Because of the generosity of many of our partners toward the end of the year, we finished “in the black:” incoming donations exceeded expenses by a narrow margin. Thank you for your sensitivity to God’s leading and your care for the expansion of His Kingdom! Ongoing committed support for us is still too low, though: it’s vital that we meet new people! Please help us reach other missions-minded believers with the great news of what God is doing through the Internet and how they can be involved! If you can think of someone, please contact me to let me know how to get in touch with them! I will be traveling this year to try to raise more support!

Mike has new responsibilities for 2014, and part of that is taking another stab at eLearning. Some of you may remember our 2010 discipleship eLearning project based on Mike’s early chat Bible study lessons. We cast five actors, including two from our church, rented a television studio, and videotaped four pilot lessons.
Unfortunately, because of security concerns, we ended up shelving the plans for the eLearning system we were considering at the time for visitor discipleship.
We’re now looking at systems for our own internal training. Mike has been part of the training leadership since 2011, and is very eager to see how a dedicated system for managing this division of our ministry will improve our application and follow-up process.
Please pray that we’ll be able to agree upon a great new tool for GMO and deliver excellent training in a timely fashion to our wonderful volunteers!

Last week, Mike was interviewed by a pastor who is working on his Ph.D. dissertation. The subject will be “An Analysis of Discipleship in Online Environments.”
Among the questions Pastor Jim asked: “What leadership attributes do you think are important for leading an online ministry?” “What are some of the joys and struggles you have experienced in online ministry?” and “What opportunities does your ministry provide to train leaders to disciple others online?”
In a way, answering Pastor Jim’s questions was an exercise in recounting the righteous deeds of the Lord. (See Ps. 145) The daily work of our ministry has us constantly working and thinking about obstacles that will not be overcome in a day. But getting to share the things God has done in our ministry over the last 10 years to someone who has never heard was a way of “counting our blessings,” and was very encouraging. No one ever said this would be easy - but it is historic!

We hope you had a wonderful year-end celebration and that you experience the joy of Christ’s presence and provision throughout 2014!

Love, in Christ,


Mike & Cindy
One Day Closer! (Romans 13:11)

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