"We should live as if the Resurrection were yesterday and the Second Coming is tomorrow!"

“He is risen indeed!”

I heard this on the radio last week and thought about the impact of the statement. When we think about the Resurrection--all that it meant for Jesus and all that it means for us--how can we not be excited?

Our God reigns!

The Resurrection even means more than we often consider to a watching world outside the Church. Christmas and Easter are the two days out of the year people are the most spiritually sensitive. In the recent Easter weekend, from Thursday to Easter Sunday, we saw a total of 6,743 indicated decisions for Christ through our various websites! 1,892 on Easter Sunday alone!

We are using a new statistics technology called "geotracking" to identify where responses are coming from in realtime. The free "Google Earth" program (at earth.google.com) spins the globe, zeroing in on mapped satellite imagery as people respond to the Gospel. It's hard for me to describe the feeling I get when I watch this happen: it's almost like you're getting a hint of God's own omnipresent perspective as well as some impression of the global impact technology helps us make on eternity. (Link to http://www.statsinsight.com/earth/sis.php?statsid=6 if you have Google Earth, or examine http://www.cccdev.org/skinner/tour.htm if you don’t.)

So exactly what part do I play in Global Media Outreach? My title is "CD/DVD Media Developer," since my specialty has been authoring training CD-ROMs. Almost immediately upon arriving, I began to tackle a big, "small" project: the latest "Who Is He?" mini-CD-ROM. I say, "small," because it's only about 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" -- but that tiny package with the provocative title packs in about 30 MB of detail on the person and nature of Jesus in some 27 different languages, Josh McDowell's "Honest Answers for Tough Questions" and portions of "A Ready Defense," Bill Bright's "Jesus and the Intellectual" and an entire discipleship course!

Have you ever left a meeting with a skeptic friend and thought of a great answer to their question 15 minutes later? This is a wonderful tool to have ready to leave for seekers! This upcoming version will wait for an Internet connection or store a response on disk so that seekers can respond to the Gospel and be assigned in this way with a volunteer discipleship counselor. Another project goal is to make it customizable for other ministries to add graphics that match the look of their website or brochure. Several churches across the country buy these in bulk, for instance, to give out to new members in a membership package.

Last time, I mentioned my background in interactive video. Our ministry is testing the effectiveness of brief video. Our GodsoLovestheWorld.com site is a video presentation of the Four Spiritual Laws, and is one of our top sites. I encoded the video in Flash to broaden the audience (virtually all of today's computers have Flash installed), and I'm demonstrating an enhanced version on my site, at www.thefieldistheworld.com/message/GMO60sec4Laws.html, which shows some of Flash's advantages for interactivity, training and cross-reference.

Also on the horizon are exciting palmtop-computer-based resources like “Would you Like to Know God Personally?” which I've been editing. Cell phones with wireless Internet access mean developing resources like this puts the ability to read, understand, respond and relay to others in the hands of individuals wherever they happen to be. We're hoping for sort of a "viral" effect for these and our upcoming evangelistic "e-cards" that Cindy will be designing.

Cindy and I, with 4 other couples, will be part of an upcoming launch of a Bible Study developed by Steve Douglass, (Campus Crusade’s President), for use in online chat situations. Each couple be leading the first slate of "virtual homegroups" for new converts from our Response Centers through 3 Four-week courses. Would you join us in prayer for the effectiveness of this course, for my clarity and creativity in my work, for focus and vision for the entire team, and for God's blessing on our outreach? At the time of this writing, our "Who Is Jesus--Really?" site has slipped to #3 in the Google search engine, (although it's still #1 in Yahoo), and #1 in Google is blasphemous parody site. Please pray the Lord will help us regain the top spot so earnest seekers can learn the truth about Him!

Thank you for your prayers for us! We are enjoying making new friends and settling into the community as we go about the business to which God has called us! We could not be here serving God full-time without you! Thank you for your continued support and prayers! Campus Crusade makes it easy to donate to our work securely at https://give.ccci.org/give/0543730.

Love, in Christ,

"One Day Closer!" (Romans 13:11)
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