Publication date: 10/30/23

Watching the world; spreading the good news

Research indicates that over two million people are searching for God on the Internet every day.

We’ve found their initial responses often look like this:

  • “Salvation of Almighty God”
  • “To know more about Christ Jesus”
  • “Can I know God?”
  • “Who is God?”
  • “I need to know more about my God.I want my life to change and be like Christ Jesus.“

But also like this:

  • “I was born a Muslim [but] I become a Christian. My father wanted to cut off my head and God gave me grace over him”
  • “How to stop worrying and not to be afraid”
  • “I [was] a muslim my family rejected and friends also ignore me bcos am broke after all they hates me even my bro want me dead but believe the Lord we serve will put my enemies to shame”
  • “I am a convert from Muslim religion. I really love Jesus Christ of Nazareth.”

And this:

  • “I want to know how to forget about the past and forgive the people that hurt me in one way or another”
  • “fear, anxiety, faith, hope, marriage”
  • “How to overcome fear”
  • “How do you know your purpose on earth”
  • “Having faith and trusting God to deliver me from stagnation and poverty”
  • “I have many confusion about myself and faith.I know Jesus is with me everytime, but I can't control my sorrowful feelings. I've been sexually assaulted three times. I feel stressful and depressed.”

One of our latest ad campaigns, launched late last month, is centered around “fear.” It's pretty cinematic, protraying generalized anxiety preventing sleep, financial burdens, wars, natural disasters and street stalkers. You can watch it at

It’s having such an impact, we’re having trouble keeping up with the response. I imagine you can see why: it’s a timely message for our day. It echoes these seekers, who are bombarded each day with information from social and traditional media about our disordered world. With these quotes from our contacts in mind, would you take a moment and pray for our Online Missionaries to be motivated by a deep love for the lost and to have the power of the Holy Spirit in their use of God’s Word in their responses?

The Hamas terror attack on Israel October 7 is one of those world events driving fear. It took savagery out of the shadows and put it in front of young and old eyes all over the world. As the world powers do their best to urge a measured response or balance one another out, we’re reminded once again of a truth we’d like to suppress: the world is a dangerous and cruel place, and the fact that trust in our information outlets is at an all-time low brings with it the additional threat of deception.

In my recent tour through Jeremiah and Ezekiel, I was thinking about the effect of the false prophets. How the “fake news” they spread (see Ezekiel 13) was a way of “jamming the signal” of the true ones. It’s still going on today. 2 Peter 3:3 warns readers to trust the Scriptures and not the scoffers who are ignorant of the fact that the Bible’s 100% accurate track-record ensures that all the future promises (including Christ’s Second Coming to rule the world personally from Jerusalem) will be fulfilled. It’s why Jesus was so specific about the manner of His return: “Behold I have told you beforehand” (Matthew 24:25) and “I say unto you, ‘Watch.’” (Mark 13:37)

Watching motiviates us to expand our outreach in multiple ways. The Explore God site is designed to reach contacts who are earlier in their spiritual journey, and it’s stretching us in more ways than one: these Contacts are Americans: skeptical, better-educated, and holding our volunteers in less regard than our international Contacts. We’re also participating in a localized “Community Outreach Initiative” in the San Francisco Bay area, involving partnerships with over 172 churches there. Regular Community Outreach events were part of the Explore God ministry before Explore God became part of Global Media Outreach. This has been our first, and it ends November 12.


Pastor Jesse Bradley

In addition to this in-person distributed outreach effort, we’ve been working with online personalities who are serving as Social Media “influencers” like Pastor Jesse Bradley of Auburn, WA to help us reach different audiences—and we’ve even partnered with another Christian group to share ads on television and on the big screens in Times Square. Fear and bad news seems to be everywhere—we need the Good News to be everywhere, too!

FY2023 Results

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Times Square JumbotronAll of this means our volunteers need God’s power and inspiration. They need to be flexible, faithful and passionate about the hope they have. Please continue to pray for our ongoing discipleship meetings. I’m constantly adapting the content, taking questions from attendees in each session and urging them to treat the questions and concerns of contacts like the ones I listed in the opening paragraphs with compassion and spiritual insight. I believe if we follow up with them the way God wants, He will continue to expand our platform.

Mike & Cindy

Cindy and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the compassion and spiritual insight of your prayers and financial support as you read our letters. Through you, God makes it possible for us to reach so many of these seekers—over two million per week!

Love, in Christ,

Mike Skinner Cindy Skinner

One Day Closer!
Romans 13:11