Pray for: revival, biblical literacy and zeal for prayer and evangelism among Christian believers. Conversion for the country's Muslims and Catholics.
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Population: 14,799,859

Rank: Central Africa: 12th; World: 71st

Languages: Official: French; The Wolof language is more widespread, and 46 languages in all are spoken in Senegal.
Major People Groups: Wolof (38.7%), Pular (26.5%), Serer (15%), Mandinka (4.2%), Jola (4%), Soninke (2.3%), other (9.3%)

Pray for continued religious freedom and stronger Christian witness in Senegal. Specifically for the private Christian schools. They are partially funded by the government if they meet educational standards, and the majority of students attending are Muslim. Pray that there will be conversion among Catholics and better biblical literacy among evangelicals. Pray for the 100,000 Talibés, children sent out on spiritual pilgrimages to live on alms and study Qur'an with Marabout teachers.

The name "Senegal" seems to come from the Wolof words for "our canoe." Although it's a majority Muslim country, the Senegalese pride themselves on their tolerance and hospitality. Christians are free to evangelize, but the majority are Roman Catholics who do not.

Senegal is a secular state with freedom of religion despite the large Muslim majority. (92-96%) Islam dominates religious life and despite a longstanding Christian presence and outreach, a spiritual heaviness covers the land. The Christian minority is mostly Catholic. The Catholic faith as practiced in Senegal is a byword among Muslims. Instead of the traditional "people of the book," they are known as "those who drink." Although evangelical believers are few, members of the fledgling Church are growing confident in their identity in Christ and as evangelicals in Senegal.

Protestant missions date from around 1863 when the Paris Mission began work. Its largest following is among the Europeans in the country. The Christian and Missionary Alliance entered in 1933 and began work in Casamance. The work influenced a young Canadian to bring a team in 1936 called the West African Evangelical Mission. World Evangelization Crusade began work in 1935.

Since World War II, several smaller missions, mainly from the United States, have begun work. New Tribes Mission entered in 1954 and began work at Ziguinchor. In 1957, the Assemblies of God started work in eastern Senegal at Tambacounda. Of the newer missions, the Assemblies of God have had the greatest response.

From independence in 1960 until 1980, Senegal had a liberal-minded Catholic President even though the country was predominantly Muslim. Between 1960 and 1980, several missions were allowed to enter the country. United World Mission, Conservative Baptist International, Brethren Assembly, and Finnish Lutheran Mission all arrived during this time.

Senegal Government

Senegal is a republic with a presidency; the president is elected every five years as of 2001, previously being seven years, by adult voters. The current president is Macky Sall, elected in March 2012.

Senegal has more than 80 political parties. The unicameral parliament consists of the National Assembly, which has 150 seats (a Senate was in place from 1999 to 2001 and 2007 to 2012). On 19 September 2012, lawmakers voted to do away with the Senate to save an estimated $15 million. An independent judiciary also exists in Senegal. The nation's highest courts that deal with business issues are the constitutional council and the court of justice, members of which are named by the president.

Marabouts, religious leaders of the various Muslim brotherhoods of Senegal, also exercise a strong political influence in the country especially during the term of the previous president.

Macky Sall, President of Senegal since 2012

Party Seats
United in Hope coalition 119
Senegalese Democratic Party 12
Bokk Gis Gis 4
Citizen Movement for National Reform 4
Republican Movement for Socialism and Democracy 2
Party for Truth and Development 2
Union for Democratic Renewal 1
Senegalese Patriotic Movement 1
Patriotic Convergence for Justice and Equity 1
Party for the Emergence of Citizens 1
Deggo Souxali Transport ak Commerce 1
Leeral Coalition 1
And-Jëf/African Party for Democracy and Socialism 1

Christian ministries operating

in Senegal
Christian Missions in Many Lands
Church of the Nazarene
Evangelical Lutheran Church
New Tribes Mission
Southern Baptist International Missions Board
United World Mission
WEC International
Youth With A Mission
Assemblies of God

Senegal Conditions

Senegal's main industries include food processing, mining, cement, artificial fertilizer, chemicals, textiles, refining imported petroleum, and tourism. Exports include fish, chemicals, cotton, fabrics, groundnuts, and calcium phosphate. The principal foreign market is India at 26.7 percent of exports (as of 1998). Despite a relatively wide variety of agricultural production, (Peanuts, cotton, millet, rice, corn, sugarcane, and livestock), the majority are subsistance farmers. Production is subject to drought and threats of pests such as locusts, birds, fruit flies, and white flies; and much of Senegal lies in a drought-prone climate region, with irregular rainfall and poor soil. Only about 5% of cultivated land is irrigated.

Life expectancy by birth is estimated to 57.5 years. Health expenditure was at US$72 (PPP) per capita in 2004.

The "World Factbook" population pyramid graphs the age and sex of the population. African nations tend to be very narrow near the top, with few of the citizens reaching advanced ages, while the USA's profile actually broadens in the middle and narrows slightly at the bottom, with fewer children being born.

There were 6 physicians per 100,000 persons in the early 2000s (decade). Infant mortality was at 77 per 1,000 live births in 2005, but in 2013 this figure had dropped to 47 within the first 12 months after birth. In the past 5 years infant mortality rates of malaria have dropped.

The IHME mortality chart for Senegal reveals that AIDS, Tuberculosis and other infectious diseases, as well as nutritional deficiencies make up the largest blocks of morbidity statistics (about 18%) compared to <1% for the USA.

According to a 2013 UNICEF report, 26% of women in Senegal have undergone female genital mutilation. With only one known case of Ebola, the World Health Organization congratulated Senegal upon their good practices, proclaiming their repsonse exemplary.

Illiteracy is high in Senegal, particularly among women. The net primary enrollment rate was 69 percent in 2005. Public expenditure on education was 5.4 percent of the 2002–2005 GDP.

Senegal is bordered to the west by the North Atlantic Ocean, to the east by Mali. It is between Mauritania and Guinea-Bissau.
GMO's Stats on Senegal

In 2016 we had 159,986 visits, 13,996 indicated decisions and 2,406 discipleship web visits from Senegal. We have one Online Missionary in Senegal, Abah Kokou Enoch.


"Pls I want to know more of the Father in heaven and his Son Jesus Christ." — Senegalese Contact Joseph

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