Pray for: Gabon - for wiser and more transparent leadership, for continued growth among evangelical Christians, for missions to extend to the interior and better use of the nation's relative prosperity.
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Population: 1,725,290

Rank: Central Africa: 28; World: 149

Languages: French (official), Fang, Myene, Nzebi, Bapounou/Eschira, Bandjabi
Major People Groups: Fang, (30%); Bapounou, (13%); Nzebi, (10.5%); Teke (7.3%)

Operation World calls Gabon a spiritual battlefield, listing the conversion of many government leaders (including the former president) to Islam, secret societies, endemic alcoholism, ignorance of the gospel and willingness to mix traditional religious beliefs with Christianity. Additionally, the Catholic Church as the majority religion has huge influence, and liberal protestant theology with emphasis on social change alone has stagnated the Church. However, the Christian and Missionary Alliance has had great influence in this country, taking polls to determine the "unreached" status of its people and conducting several concerted outreaches to give them the chance to hear the gospel. There are still 37 people groups with fewer than 10% evangelicals, according to Joshua Project. Please pray for the dominant Fang group (11% evangelical) and the Baka (Pygmy) people, (1% evangelical), whose struggle for civil rights is complicated by their lack of central leadership, their language and nomadic traditional ways. Please pray for more Bible translation, broadcast, literature and JESUS film distribution and for the CMA's Bangolo Hospital medical missions work, where 1,000 people a year come to Christ.

Gabon is a country with abundant natural resources, including oil and minerals. It has vast rain forests, rich biodiversity and low population density. Although there has been internal and international criticism of the autocratic rule of former president Omar Bongo, there has been relative stability within the country.

Gabon Government

President Ali Bongo Ondimba was elected by popular vote in 2009, following his father's death. He had held various appointed posts within his father's administration and was Minister of Defense at the time of Omar Bongo's death.

Omar Bongo had been president for 42 years, beginning in 1967 until 2009. He was the world's longest-serving (non-monarch) head of state, and one of the longest-serving rulers in history.

The president of Gabon serves for seven-year terms. These terms are subject to popular vote, but there are no remaining constitutional limits to the number of terms. The president also has the power to dissolve the National Assembly, appoint and dismiss the Prime Minister and Cabinet and delay legislation.

Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of Gabon since 2009

Daniel Ona Ondo, Prime Minister of Gabon since 2014

From Wikipedia: "President Omar Ali Bongo narrowly beat rival Jean Ping in the official results of the Presidential election in 2016. With results showing a trend of success for Ping, the final province's results were released after significant delays, showing a remarkable 99.5% support for President Bongo in Haut-Ogooue. This was conveniently just enough to push Ali Bongo into first place."

Update, 5/23/18: A new interim government was installed in Gabon last Friday. There is no date as of yet for a new election, but the constitutional court dissolved parliament and called on the government to step down, which everyone but Ali Bongo Ondimba himself has done; therefore the entire government is vested in him at this point. April 30 had been the deadline for elections answering charges of fraud from 2016.

Christian ministries operating

In Gabon
Christian and Missionary Alliance
Assemblies of God
Silent Word Ministries
BCM International

Gabon Conditions

Healthcare in Gabon is considered among the best in West Africa. It is the location of Albert Schweitzer Hospital (1913) and there are an estimated 29 physicians per 100,000 people, with 90% of the population having access to healthcare. The UN ranks Gabon 4th highest in Central Africa for Human Development.

Despte this, a large proportion of the population remains in poverty. The top 20% of Gabon's population earn over 90% of the income, despite the fact that the estimated per-capita GDP is very high for the region. The government has been criticized by the International Monetary Fund for borrowing excessively, poor infrastructure and low privatization. In May 2009, a French magistrate launched a probe into whether the presidents of three African oil-producing countries used embezzled public funds to buy luxury homes and cars. A 2007 French police probe found the leaders of Gabon, Congo Republic and Equatorial Guinea and their families owned dozens of bank accounts, homes in rich areas of Paris and on the Riviera.

The IHME mortality chart for Gabon reveals that AIDS, Tuberculosis and other infectious diseases make up the largest blocks of morbidity statistics (about 18%) compared to <1% for the USA.
The "World Factbook" population pyramid graphs the age and sex of the population. African nations tend to be very narrow near the top, with few of the citizens reaching advanced ages, while the USA's profile actually broadens in the middle and narrows slightly at the bottom, with fewer children being born.

Gabon is a coastal Central African state on the equator; it is home to 49 People Groups, 5 of whom are unreached according to the Joshua Project. Evangelism is spreading throughout Gabon and missionaries are plunging into the interior to minister to the Baka who are Gabon's earliest inhabitants.

Gabon is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean at the Equator, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon to the North, and Republic of the Congo to the West and South.

Approximately 70 percent of Gabon's population would be classified Christian, with about 12.9% of that identified as evangelical. However, evangelicals have increased from 2.3% in 1960 to today's percentages, showing that evangelical growth in Gabon has been steady and sustained. There is evidence that the Church is also maturing in Gabon, but there is a long way to go, with animist influences often syncretizing Christian faith and practice here as elsewhere in West Africa. Eight to 15 percent are Muslim, of whom the majority are foreigners. Ten percent practices animism exclusively and a minority identifies with no religion. Many practice a syncretistic religious belief that combines elements of Christianity or Islam with traditional religious beliefs, Voudon (Voodoo), or animism.

GMO's Stats on Gabon

In 2015, we had 247,784 visits, 25,631 indicated decisions and 10,169 Gospel Visits from Gabon. We have no Online Missionaries in Gabon.


“Please I need someone to pray with me so that's I will Make heaven. I know I have sin against God and against My self. I love Jesus I what to worship God in truth and in spirit. Please pray for me. God bless you in Jesus name” - Dike Cornellinus

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