Pray for: Zambia—strong Christian president. Hunger for Christ. Revival among Christians who mix biblical faith with folk religion. Better healthcare for those suffering from HIV and other illnesses. Improvement of conditions for impoverished.
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The Republic of Zambia

Population: 16,717,332

Rank: World: #67; Africa: #22; HDI Rank: 139 (out of 188)

Languages: English (Official); Bembe (33.4%). (Over 70 languages total)
Major People Groups: 98% Bantu, 1% Khoisan

Roughly 68% of Zambians live below the poverty line. It is one of the 22 nations in Africa with the worst malnutrition rates for children under the age of five. Additionally, the AIDS crisis here has left hundreds of thousands of children orphaned and greatly taxed the healthcare system. Although Islam has only about 200,000 adherents in Zambia, (mostly located in Lusaka and in the Eastern and Copperbelt Provinces and divided along ethnic or national lines), it's growing much faster than Christianity, and consequently, there's great need for laborers with understanding about Islam. Please pray that the body of Christ in Zambia will experience revival and unity around the truth of the gospel and the uniqueness of Christ. That laborers will be raised up with special compassion for the youth, the impoverished and the orphaned. And that God will bless this nation's faithful with continued unity and favor, as well as the resources for His work.

A nation of great suffering but great potential, a rich history and cultural heritage, Zambia was one of GMO's top ten nations by indicated decision rate (18.35%) in 2016.

David Livingstone famously pledged to "open up Africa or perish." He felt that Christianty, commerce and civilization would put an end to the cruel slave trade. He became the first European explorer to see the Zambezi River waterfalls the natives called "Mosi-o-Tunya" ("the thundering smoke.") He named these waterfalls Victoria Falls and today they are one of the seven natural wonders of the world and the most visited site in Zambia.

After spending 30 years of his life in Africa , losing his wife to malaria, suffering a crippling a lion attack shortly after arriving there, and personally winning only one convert on the continent, Livingstone died of multiple illnesses. His body was flown back to London , but his heart was buried underneath a Baobab tree in Zambia.

It’s now estimated that 70,000 people every day become Christians. 20% of those are now from Africa . In 1900, only 3% were from Africa . Dr. David Livingstone, in personally exploring a third of the continent, being responsible for revisions on all contemporary maps and opening Africa for missions, has done more for modern missions than he could have imagined in his day.

In his diary, Livingstone wrote, "I place no value on anything I have or possess except in relation to the kingdom of Christ."

Zambia gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1964 after mine workers' strikes resulted in a political party whose civil disobedience forced the British government to allow free elections. Worldwide copper prices fell sharply in the 1970's, creating economic pressure on the socialist nation, until a democratic government was elected. This began a period of economic growth and reduced corruption. In 2010, the World Bank called Zambia one of the world's fastest economically reformed countries. In 2011, president Michael Sata began his term, only to die in office in 2014, forcing new elections, which Edgar Lungu, the current president won.

The Republic of Zambia Government

Zambia is a constitutional, presidential democratic republic. The president of Zambia is head of state and head of government, leader of a multi-party system.

Executive Branch

Edgar Lungu, President of Zambia since January, 2015
Inonge Mutukwa Wina, Vice-President of Zambia since January, 2015

Legislative Branch

Zambia's unicameral legislature (parliament) is called the National Assembly and has 156 seats. Members are elected by direct vote.

National Assembly
Patrick Matibini
Since 6 October 2011
Seats 156 (+ Vice President and 9 appointees)
National Assembly of Zambia diagram.svg

Government (89)

Opposition (63, 48 suspended)


Judicial Branch

Zambia's Supreme Court is the highest court of appeal. Judges are appointed by the president, but are independent of the government and subject only to the constitution. The legal system is based on English common law and customary law.

Irene Mambilima has been chief justice since January 2015.

Christian ministries operating

in Zambia
Every Home for Christ
Campus Crusade for Christ
Baptist Mid-Missions
Medical Missions
Baptist International Outreach
Operation Mobilisation
Christian Brethren Assemblies
Oasis World Ministries
Church of God World Missions
Dorothea Mission
GFA Missions
Grace Ministries, International
International Pentecostal Holiness Church
Harvesters Ministries
Momentum Ministries
Teen Missions International

The Republic of Zambia Conditions

Although Zambia's HIV epidemic has been declining since 2001, the estimated number of people in Zambia living with HIV is 1.2-1.3 million. According to a 2012 estimate, there were 16 physicians per 100,000 and 2 beds per 1,000 population. According to UNICEF, the growth of 45% of children under the age of 5 is stunted. Government expenditure on healthcare has increased while the public's expenses are among the lowest in southern Africa.

Copper mining is the primary export industry for Zambia's economy, and Zambia is the world's #1 producer of it. It accounts for over 70% of total exports. But agriculture employs more Zambians, and most rural Zambians are subsistence farmers. The policies of its initial socialist government following independence from the UK contributed to the nation's indebtedness.

Although the common picture of Zambia is one of excellent wildlife preserves and World Heritage Site Victoria Falls, it is one of the most urbanized nations in Sub-saharan Africa, with an estimated 44% of the population living in just a few small areas.

Although Zambia's education system is reportedly under-funded and standards are fairly low, access to basic education has improved remarkably since 2000, increasing by 75% between 2000 and 2007 in primary school and 119% in high school enrollment.

The roughly 75 tribal groups making up Zambia's population coexist well, in marked contrast to some of the neighboring countries in which tension among tribes was fostered by colonial powers and continues to this day. No major wars have been fought on Zambian soil, although in the early 2000's it hosted hundreds of thousands of refugees from wars in Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Zambia's constitution declares it to be a Christian nation, and it prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion, guaranteeing religious freedom. President Edgar Lungu is said to be a strong believer, and declared October 18, 2016 an annual day for national prayer, fasting and reconciliation.

U.S. Government estimates are that Zambia's population is 75% Protestant, 20% Roman Catholic, with only 3.8% of the population adhering to other faiths (including Islam, Hinduism, Bahai, Buddhism, Sikhism.)

Because witchcraft is an indigenous belief (and because there is considerable blending of Christian beliefs with older traditional beliefs), multiple cases of mob violence against people suspected of witchcraft have been reported.

Population Pyramid

According to the CIA World Factbook, Zambia's birth rate is among the highest in the world, (#7) averaging almost 6 children per family. The median age is 16.7 years, life expectancy is 52.5 years and infant mortality rate is 62.9/1,000.

Morbidity Stats

The IHME mortality chart for Zambia reveals that HIV/AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases, (20.63%) along with pollution-related conditions, (20%) and malnutrition (13.11%) make up the largest blocks of morbidity statistics (about 54%) compared to <5% for the USA.

Zambia Map

Zambia is in Southern Africa, east of Angola and south of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is bordered by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, and Angola.
GMO's Stats on The Republic of Zambia

In 2016, GMO registered 509,671 gospel visits, 93,526 indicated decisions and 31,336 web visits from Zambia. We have no Online Missionaries in Zambia, although in 2016, Elijah Numbi served with us.


I have been working for a hardware store for almost two and a half years now. My boss appointed me as a manager to run his company as he lives in the United Kingdom. He visits as often as he can. I have been taking money from the company each time I was in a financial fix and it became a regular thing, I would tell myself I would replace it as I got my pay. I hardly managed to pay back anything and now I'm in this huge debt of $25,000.00 The business in the company has completely dropped and I am barely managing to pay suppliers and keep the company afloat. I don't understand how I managed to get myself in such a mess. In my head I thought I'm taking money that I will put back, of which I never did so that's technically stealing. I have made a very huge mistake and I regret it every single day of my life. I know what I have done is wrong and I would do anything to fix it or make it any better. I'm truly sorry. My boss is scheduled to come this month end and I honestly don't know what will happen to me. He will be extremely disappointed and I don't know what else. He trusted me. I pray everyday to God for a miracle or a loan. A loan that I will pay off even if it takes me a whole lifetime to pay. I pray for forgiveness but I'm still very guilty. I'm scared and I don't know what my loved ones would think of me once they know. Would God forgive me? Would he give me a loan? Would he help me fix my wrong? — Payal Bright, Zambia

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