Pray for: Chad—Reconciliation nationally and among Christians, economic diversity and recovery, outreach to refugees and DP, evangelism to growing Muslim population, integrity in government.
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Republic of Chad

Population: 11,506,130

Rank: Africa: #24; world: #72 HDI Rank: #175 of 182

Languages: French (Official, only spoken by the educated), Arabic (perhaps 30% of Arabic speaking), 133 languages in all.
Major People Groups: 45% Sudanic, 13% Saharan, 11% Arab Religion: Muslim, 52 %; Christians,38.46%;Evangelicals, 10.1 %

CHAD has more unreached people living within its borders than any other African country, 51 % *Training of leaders to unify Christians, divided by nominalism and practice of tribalism * 80% live below the poverty line; need for economic development and recovery from falling oil prices * Lack of medical care and services—Chad has 5th highest death rate in the world * Integrity and honesty to displace government corruption, among the worst in Africa * Evangelism to large Muslim refugee population from Sudan and Central African Republic, many of whom are eager to hear Gospel *Education- Literacy rate only 25 percent , one of the lowest in SubSaharan Africa.

The French language of Chad reflects its history as part of French Equatorial Africa since 1920. In 1960 Chad gained independence under Francois Tombalbaye, but his policies in the Muslim north evoked a civil war in 1965. Civil fighting among factions finally put the government in the control of a rebel general, Idriss Déby in 1990. He has maintained a firm grip of power since then, although there are many political parties and recurrent coups. Chad remains plagued by political violence and is one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world. Since 2003, 230,000 Sudanese refugees have fled into eastern from war-ridden Darfur, a further strain its resources, and civil war has displaced 172,000 Chadians, mostly in the eastern portion.

Republic of Chad Government

Chad's government is a dominant party presidential republic.

Idriss Déby, President of Chad since 1990.

Chad has a unicameral legislature (parliament), called the National Assembly.

National Assembly of Chad
Assemblée nationale du Tchad
الجمعية الوطنية لتشاد
Coat of arms of Chad.svg
Haroun Kabadi, MPS
Since June 2011
Seats 155 members
National Assembly of Chad, 2011.svg
National Assembly political groups
Government (89)
Opposition (66)

Christian ministries operating

In Chad

The Shalom Evangelical School of Theology (ESTES) in N’Djamena(the capital); the Apostolic Bible School ESDRAS; CoG Bible Institute and several Christian Assemblies schools.

Other Christian organizations and NGO’s in CHAD are Mission:Chad, Safer Birth in Chad Foundation, AmeriCares aid to refugees, the Chad Relief Foundation, Human Rights Watch, Africare, and Enterprise for Vocational Development.

In Chad the many different religious communities generally co-exist without problems. Both Christian and Muslim missionaries are active. The constitution provides for a secular state and guarantees religious freedom. The majority of Muslims are adherents of Sufism, a moderate, mystical branch; Saudi Arabia funds various social and educational projects and mosque construction. The Christian Church is being divided from within due to an increase in nominalism and the pervasive practice of tribalism and syncretism. Roman Catholics are the largest Christian group.

The upheaval in Darfur brought many Muslims into contact with the gospel, and their persecution by other Muslims has disillusioned many and opened them to the loving ministry and witness of Christians. In refugee camps, many are eager to hear the Good News. However as Islam has been increasing in the past 30 years, there is fear that religious freedoms may disappear.

Training of Christian leaders remains a major need and prayer challenge for the Church in Chad. Many factors hinder the training of pastors: poverty, instability, poor communication, lack of financial means and management. Full-time biblical studies are a huge commitment when there is both low encouragement from local churches and little income.

Republic of Chad Conditions

Chad is a landlocked country with more than 200 ethnic groups. The north is dominated by the Sahara and occupied by Muslims, while the south is lush, tropical, and mainly occupied by Christians and animists. Urban life is concentrated in the capital, most engaged in commerce. The population is young: an estimated 47.3 % is under 15. The birth rate is 42.35 births for 1,000 people, the mortality rate at 16.69 percent. The life expectancy is 52 years. Lack of access to family planning and obstetric care keeps the fertility rate high and the mortality rate also. Less than 5 percent of the women practice birth control.

Access to clean water is a common problem; these women are returning from a water station.

Polygamy is common and legal. Violence against women is prohibited, but domestic violence is common. Female genital mutilation also is prohibited but the practice is widespread, deeply rooted in tradition, and 45 % of Chadian women undergo the procedure. Chad has the world’s third-highest maternal mortality rate. Primary risk factors are poverty, anemia, poor education, and lack of access to family planning and obstetric care. Women lack equal opportunities in education and training, making it difficult for them to compete in the formal job market.

Media coverage and access are limited mostly to urban areas and the government restricts freedom of expression. In July 2015, only 2.7 % of the population estimated to be internet users, a total of 314,000.

Population Pyramid

According to the CIA World Factbook, Chad's death rate is among the highest in the world, (#7) 14/1000. The median age is 17.6 years, life expectancy is 50.2 years and infant mortality rate is 87/1,000.

Morbidity Stats

The IHME mortality chart for Chad reveals that diarrhea and other infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS, alongg with nutritional deficiencies and pollution-related conditions make up the largest blocks of morbidity statistics

Chad Map

Chad is in Central Africa, south of Libya
GMO's Stats on Republic of Chad

There are currently no Online Missionaries for GMO in Chad, though a few months ago there were some. Pray for Bayang & Monique Mo-gnanguele, probably a married couple and former OMs. In 2017, Global Media Outreach registered 11,872 visits; 2,035 indicated decisions; and 1,045 discipleship web visits from Chad.


“I am Christian in a good God's relation but sometimes i cannot pray” — Sangpou in Chad (2/2/18)

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