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Population: 10,890,000

Rank: Africa: #32; World: #87

Languages: Kirundi (29.7%) and French (9.1%) are official languages
Major People Groups: 82% Hutu, 14% Tutsi, 2% Twa

Burundi has a “Human Development Index” of 184, near the bottom for Central Africa. This index examines values such as life expectancy, education and cost of living. Burundi is 11% urbanized and has 12 people groups, only half of whom are indigenous.

In 2015, President Nkurunziza sought and was elected to an (unconstitutional) third term. This has caused protests which have been violently put down, and there was a failed coup in May. Ultimately, the country's constitutional court sided with the president, but opposition party members fled the country when several coup leaders came under arrest. Over 100,000 people quickly left Burundi, causing a humanitarian emergency. Many human rights abuses, including illegal executions, abductions, rape and torture, have been reported. UN Investigators claim to have verified 564 executions. Burundi rejected the deployment of 228 UN police officers, protesting that the resolution was made without its consent. The government has announced plans to withdraw from the international criminal court. The number of refugees is expected to reach 500,000 this year. On February 18, 2017, Burundi's government requested that Tanzania arrest several leaders of the opposition party who fled there and are pursuing peace talks with them.

Civil war is a big concern, since it endured years of war and genocide in the past following its independence in 1962. and Rwanda could get involved (may already be secretly arming rebels.) Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa are reluctant to get involved, but in December, the African Union deployed 5,000 for a peacekeeping mission.

Gospel Penetration

There is poor Bible distribution but (French) Christian television and TWR availability. The JESUS Film has been widely distributed, and teams show it an average of 20x/month.

Burundi Government


Pierre Nkurunziza, President of Burundi since August, 2005.


Gaston Sindimwo, (first) Vice-President of Burundi since August, 2015.


Joseph Butore, (second) Vice-President of Burundi since August, 2015.

Although Nkurunziza describes himself as a born-again Christian, his administration has severely restricted religious freedoms for Christians and other groups.

Christian ministries operating

Over 90% of Burundi's population identifies as Christian. Even during the long civil war, protestant churches experienced significant growth.

in Burundi
World Relief
Evangelistic ministries operating
Free Methodist World Missions
Greater Grace World Outreach
Literacy and Evangelism International
Campus Crusade for Christ

Burundi Conditions

The ethnic-based war that lasted for over a decade resulted in more than 200,000 deaths, forced more than 48,000 refugees into Tanzania, and displaced 140,000 others internally. Only one in two children go to school, and approximately one in 15 adults has HIV/AIDS. Food, medicine, and electricity remain in short supply. Less than 2% of the population has electricity in its homes. Burundi's GDP grew around 4% annually in 2006–12. Political stability and the end of the civil war have improved aid flows and economic activity has increased, but underlying weaknesses – a high poverty rate, poor education rates, a weak legal system, a poor transportation network, overburdened utilities, and low administrative capacity – risk undermining planned economic reforms. The purchasing power of most Burundians has decreased as wage increases have not kept up with inflation. Burundi will remain heavily dependent on aid from bilateral and multilateral donors – foreign aid represents 42% of Burundis national income, the second highest rate in Sub-Saharan Africa. Burundi joined the East African Community in 2009, which should boost Burundi's regional trade ties, and also in 2009 received $700 million in debt relief. Government corruption is hindering the development of a healthy private sector as companies seek to navigate an environment with ever-changing rules.

According to the WHO, the average life expectancy in the country is 58/62 years.



Life Expectancy


Burundi has a high birth rate and high infant mortality rate. Burundi's life expectancy is one of the world's lowest at 60 years.
Burundi has Rwanda to the north, Tanzania to the east and south, and The DRC and Lake Tanganyika to the west.
GMO's Stats on Burundi

In 2016 we had 78,159 gospel visits, 9,917 indicated decisions and 3,271 web visits from Burundi. We have one Online Missionary in Burundi.


"After receiving Jesus as my savior.did i become a righteous forever? Or is it possible to be a sinner again? Plz explain me thus matter.thanks" (Therence, Contact at from Burundi) "I am one of the members of the church's servants and the evangelizing ministry known as Light For All Nations (LFAN). We evangelize and provide biblical training and teachings, supervise the students assembled in a biblical group of secondary schools, and help the vulnerable people as street and / or unaccompanied children, widows, orphans and others to meet their needs and Evangelize them forthwith." (from GMO OM Bazikwankana Joseph's application)

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